Who We Are

 Dr. Karen Carter opened Augusta Developmental Specialists in May 2009 after having a clinic at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) for nine years. We strive to provide the best healthcare for children and adults with developmental disabilities. We provide developmental assessment and follow up care, care coordination, equipment assistance, prescription refills, wheelchair clinics, and patient advocacy services. New for 2018, we are adding an Augmentative Communication Lab! We are here to help you!

Our Story

Karen and Kevin met in Athens, GA through a very special person named Judson. At the time, Karen was working as a special education instructor at a residential facility while working on her pre-medicine requirements. Kevin was working on the house staff at the same facility. Judson, who was living there, introduced the two to each other.

The facility was small. There were less than 36 individuals under the age of 21 living there. Each staff member had their favorite resident. Often times staff were fondly known as either the client's mom or dad. Kevin had been working with Judson for two years before Karen came to the facility. He was already known affectionately as Judson's dad. In those days, Judson's behavior was to bang the back of his head on the floor. Judson was non-verbal, but ambulatory, when he wanted to be.

During an annual meeting for Judson, Kevin suggested that Judson go the local YMCA pool to walk in the water. From bath time, Kevin knew how much Judson enjoyed the water! Karen knew of other residents that could benefit. So, a weekly pool outing was started by Kevin and Karen.

Not long after that, Kevin and Karen started spending more time together. They would often go out to dinner. Sometimes, especially when they went to their favorite pizza restaurant in Athens, Judson would go with them.

Through hard work and building trust with Judson, he began to improve his behavior. As for Kevin and Karen, they fell in love and got married in June 1992. Judson was a junior groomsman in the wedding. He looked amazing in his tuxedo!

Karen started working towards her new career in August 1992 at the Medical College of Georgia. Kevin worked at Gracewood and earned his degree in Therapeutic Recreation. After finishing medical school and her residency, Karen continued her training at Emory University in Atlanta. During all this time, Kevin worked as a recreation therapist. He formed his adult Special Olympics GA team in 1995.

With all her training done, Karen returned to the Medical College of Georgia as an attending physician in the special needs clinic. She was at this clinic for nine years before going into private practice in 2009.

Kevin and Karen make a formidable team. They both have a long history of working with persons with disabilities. Their philosophies are the same; they prefer to focus on the person and on their abilities. They, along with their team, will advocate strongly for their patients.
As for Judson, he followed Kevin and Karen to the CSRA in 1996!


As always, we are here for you!

A Place for People with Special Health Care and Developmental Needs

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Some of our Specialties

We would like to help you get the services you need. We offer the following:

  • Developmental assessment & Follow up
  • Care coordination
  • Assessments for equipment
  • Speech Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Patient advocate
  • Prescription refills
  • Occupational Therapist